rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Shockingly warm, in fact. I'd say I have five minutes left, and then the Slug will have to cool for at least four hours. On the positive side, the heat has caused every aromatic plant to spew forth its scent, and the whole town smells of jasmine and honeysuckle and other sweet things, offset by a bit of pine resin and all the grassy things of the fields. It is quite a heady combination. Apparently, nothing to which I am allergic is among the blooming plants, as my breathing is fine. Maybe they are all past the pollen stage. The heat is here to stay for the time being, though. I'll be around less for the next few days, lingering in the shade, hanging out in the coolest part of the house, maybe reading by the dimmest practicable light. Time for a shower now. If there were an old swimming hole around here, that's where I'd be.
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