rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Afoul of the Weather

There are two crickets a few feet apart in my lawn. One chirps much louder than the other, and at a slightly different speed. They sync up for a few chirps, then gradually go into ragtime, then call and response, then back to ragtime, and finally re-synchronize. I think they are trying to hypnotize me. I let the cat out, and she is now stalking them. They must be taught that they can't get away with trying to control my mind!

It is a bit unnerving how hot this house stays at night, even when the outdoor temperature has dropped considerably. Some small fissure in the walls of Hell must lead directly to a spot under my foundations. But if so, it closes up in winter.

As Sluggo chose to entertain himself by showing me his blue screen several times tonight, I did a great deal of doing nothing. I briefly considered going out to the garage to make another stab at sorting through the boxes, but decided against such a vulgar display of ambition. Instead, I watched the Coupling marathon on BBC America. Yay, cable. Then I read some Gilbert Sorrentino from the long-lost volume I unearthed Saturday night. I found a brief poem I like very much, and I lack the patience to wait until next Sunday to post it, so I am presenting for the first (and possibly only) time--

Monday Verse

Oleo Strut

by Gilbert Sorrentino

Blood a rarest oil
secret in this hot machine.

The ceaseless landings
the meadows, beaches

sudden bumps and shocks
loud slams: these hopeless

cities dying in their glamour.
It is not that the body

is unaffected, but that the
heart, the dark heart

takes so much so

Broken hearts even function on
till the body shakes itself apart.

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