rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I think that I might be about to move a big stack of stuff. It depends on how ambitious I feel over the next couple of hours. The problem is that there is nowhere for the big stack of stuff to go other than where it is right now, which means that after it's moved, it has to go back into the same spot, which is annoying. But moving it is the only way to get to what's behind it. Part of the big stack might be gotten rid of right away, but much of it must remain for now. I spend way too much time fighting with stuff. I think that some stuff too valuable to throw away will have to be sold.

It did not become too hot today despite the return of sunshine. Tomorrow will be too hot. I miss the rain already. But an unfortunate effect of the rain is that we will now get another brood of mosquitoes. They haven't been too bad so far this year, due to the dryness. Now their breeding grounds have been replenished, and their numbers will undoubtedly increase. I wish a bat colony would take up residence in my attic. It would keep the mosquito population down, and I'd get free guano!

There is a very loud and persistent bird singing nearby. It makes one or two single chirps, then goes into a series of chirps all strung together, the note rising and falling only slightly. I have no idea what kind of bird it is. The dusk is too deep for it to be seen.

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