rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

CWTD Going to Explode Friday Platitude

That subject line is that of a spam I got. I have no idea what it means, but I like the sound of it. I didn't open the spam itself, of course. It was probably just peddling fake Viagra or mortgage loans or nekkid pictures or some such thing. I'm sure it would have been a letdown, having nothing to do with exploding platitudes.

Yesterday's storm ended with evening. There was a bit of intermittent rain after nightfall, but the sky soon began to clear and the moon emerged, now quite plump. As the clouds had let little heat accumulate during the day, and their departure allowed that to escape into the starry sky, it grew cold enough that, for the first time in a week or more, I didn't have to run the noisy window fans all night. The crickets were silent, too. Saturated, I suppose. The quiet was refreshing, and I was able to listen to music for a while. I chose Debussy's Images for solo piano. They seemed well suited to the serenity which followed the storm's passing. This morning, there is still a soft dripping from the leaves, but the thinness of the overcast suggests a sunny day that will remove all traces of damp. The morning birds are subdued, and the air still. I think my sleep will not be disturbed.

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