rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Truly Springy

My wish for a dreary day has been fulfilled. While sun worshipers mope about with chins dragging the wet ground, I revel in the rain that flecks the pavement with changing patterns, each bright drop sparkling as it joins the glassy, flowing throng. I expect to see dryads, naiads and sylphs dance up the street to the music of the pan pipe at any moment. The welcome sound of the downspout pouring forth its copious bounty could not be more beautiful. The splashing fall goes to swell the small but turbid rivulet that fills the road verge, carrying miniature flotsam-- the wreck of leaves, residue of pollen, shed pinfeathers-- off to build the soil of distant riverbanks and valley fields. Best of all, the clouds have waylaid the heat, leaving the afternoon cool and fresh. I'd like to keep this day for at least a week.

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