rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The Slug misbehaved quite badly all night. I'm sure he is envious of my ability to get up and walk around, and to go outdoors to enjoy the coolness. You hear that, Sluggo? It's cool outside, and I get to go there! No, I shouldn't gloat. It will only make him more resentful and malicious.

With the arrival of first light this morning, I was able to see that a fine haze had gathered once again. It has already withdrawn. It is a rare atmospheric condition in these parts. I remember many such hazy mornings in Los Angeles, but these recent occurrences are the first times I've seen it here in years. On first noticing it today, I thought there might be a fire nearby, but the air carries no scent of combustion. It might do so soon enough, though. An early fire season is expected this year, due to the uncommonly dry spring. The fact that last year the area was almost free of wildfires means that there is even more accumulated fuel. At least if we are forced to evacuate this year, I have only one cat to deal with. Getting the cats together and into the car has always been the thing that worried me most. Sluggo, of course, can stay behind. That would be my compensation for the house having burned.

Hotter today, hotter still tomorrow. Doesn't look promising.

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