rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Russians are Here!

There was a steaminess to the day. First, the afternoon clouds looked like puffs of steam left by some passing giant of a celestial locomotive. Then, the evening sky turned gray with cloud that was like a steam so dense and vast that it occluded the sun. The damp in the air was like hot condensation, and it felt as though I had been transported to the tropics. I half expected rain, but nightfall brought a clearing, and the fattened crescent of the waxing moon now floats among stars, as light as the jasmine fragrance of the soft air.

At last it is cool enough to run Sluggo for a while, and I found something interesting. evan writing in metajournal points to an online article by e_g about the large Russian community at LJ. I first came across a journal in Russian a few weeks after arriving at the site, and later learned that the Russians were one of the largest groups represented here. I've been curious about this ever since, and have frequently seen posts in Russian in various community journals, especially found_objects, but since I don't speak Russian, I've never found out much about how that group of users arrived at LJ or how it grew so large. This article answers a lot of questions. I haven't had the chance to finish reading it yet (it's quite long) but the parts I have read are fascinating.

And, from the ever-entertaining jwz, further proof (as if such were needed) that clowns are evil: Can't sleep; clowns will molest me! (WARNING! CLOWN PHOTOGRAPH!)
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