rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sorry I Broke It

I think I broke LJ. It was fine a few minutes ago, and now the pages won't open. It isn't Sluggo or my ISP or the Internet because other sites are working fine. I wonder what I did wrong?

It's just as well, I guess, as I have nothing to say this morning and when LJ is broken is the best time to say nothing. Usually, when daily life is not presenting me with any subjects of interest, I can dig through my storehouse of memory and find something. That hasn't been working lately. For one thing, nostalgia posts tend to be rather long, and when the computer is being touchy I don't like to embark on something long, as I might not get the chance to finish it before the machine crashes, and if I save something partly finished for later, by the time I get back to it I usually find I've lost the momentum. Thus, Sluggo intimidates me into silence.

But today it doesn't matter, because I've broken LJ and this probably won't even post. It's too late in the day for ambition, in any case. And if LJ isn't fixed by the time I wake up, I can just go download some porn Monets or something. Or I can go look at the Webshots albums of this guy, who has uploaded more than a dozen albums of photographs of Beanie Babies and Nike shoes! Yes, he collects them, he photographs them, he posts the photographs on the Internet. Can you say unique? Uh, huh. I thought you could!
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