rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Morning Scents

I can remember when I used to already be asleep at this time of day. I miss that. I also miss having enough time in the afternoons to take a walk. Lack of exercise is causing my joints to stiffen up.On the other hand, I do enjoy watching the forest emerge from darkness and hearing the birds come awake. The scent of the air changes with first light, too. The fragrance of the jasmine vanishes and damp, earthy smell emerges. I think it is the rapid drop in temperature which occurs at this hour that causes the change. By the time I wake this afternoon, the warmth will have filled the air with the scent of pine resin. It might be possible to determine the hour of day or night by smell alone. But right now, all I want to smell is the clean sheets of my freshly changed bed.

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