rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a lot of reading to catch up on, and I used so much of the limited time Sluggo was available for that, that once again there is little time for an entry.

I almost fell down a couple of times tonight because my pant cuffs so frequently untie my shoe laces. It's sartorial harassment, I say! I could solve the problem by discarding either the shoes or the pants. Given the warm weather, I could probably do without the pants. Going without shoes does not appeal to me, given the fact that I frequently go outdoors in the dark and step on night crawlers I am unable to see -- not to mention the ubiquitous earwigs. I don't like hearing them crunch underfoot, and would dislike feeling them squashed on the soles of my bare feet even more. I have some old pants I was going to get rid of. Maybe I'll make cutoffs of them instead. It will expose yet more of my flesh to attack by mosquitoes, but sometimes one must compromise. I can die of West Nile Virus, or of falling and cracking my head open. Life is not perfect, alas.

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