rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Needle holes in my gums and more mercury stuffed into my teeth. I always have a headache after dental work. But at least it's over for now. And Sluggo appears to have misplaced the LJ client. Other than all that, a lovely day. The clouds have gone, but it hasn't become intolerably hot again yet. The slow, green evening invites languor. I saw a small flock of local waterfowl flying toward the valley. Their calls were goose-like, but I'm not sure what they were. Their necks were rather long, and the afternoon light flashed silver from their dark wings. They must have spent the day fishing in one of the mountain lakes. By now, they are probably back in their wetlands and settling down for the night. I think I'll follow their example, aside from the wetlands part.

Also, I don't seem to be getting any e-mail. I hope the service isn't broken again.

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