rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moonlit Chill

Cold follows the rain. The clouds continue to travel in packs, exposing the stars for a while, then concealing them again. As the chill deepens, all but a few crickets fall silent, and the few who chirp do so slowly. One young cricket has come into the house -- I caught a brief glimpse as it hopped from the front hallway and concealed itself under a nearby piece of furniture. Though the living room is warm, I haven't heard the small brown guest make a sound. Perhaps it knows there is a cat here.

The moon rose late, but found a clear patch of sky from which to shine. I wonder what piece of land it was hanging above when it first appeared to my view tonight? Maybe it was over the sea, somewhere far to the south. It appears very low in the sky this time of year, and smaller than in winter. But at that moment when its visage crested the trees of the eastern ridge, its light must have been falling on the Rockies, making the tumbling streams glisten through the hour before dawn, and it must have shone on the desert highways where lone cars passed the dark miles, their headlights now and then reflecting from the eyes of a startled jackrabbit. I wonder how many dog's howls it elicited at that moment when I looked at it and saw only its utter tranquility, and heard only the quietude of my small patch of the world?

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