rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Waiting For Go...DOH!

Looking out my window I see a cloud that looks exactly like a gigantic, white, fluffy seahorse. I'm thinking about Pasadena, and how much I would like, right now, to be poking around in the art section of that big public library. Yeah, sure, I could go online right now, and hunt down paintings there, maybe find one that has clouds looking like seahorses, but the truth is that I really like paper. I mean really like paper. There is something intense and sensual about paper which a video screen can never capture. And, in any case, It wouldn't be long before the video screen would go blank because Sluggo would for some inexplicable goofy computer reason restart, and I would spend the next hour trying to get it working again. To be as infuriating as a computer, books would have to develop the ability to spontaneously burst into flames, or, at least, have their pages suddenly go blank for no apparent reason. So, I will just sit here looking at clouds and fantasizing about the joys of the Pasadena Public Library. I wonder if they still have those books about Camillo Sitte?
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