rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Vaguely Discontented

The waning moon is low in the south now, and has been wreathed in cloud most of the night. Its light thus diffused creates a dim glow which illuminates most forms, but without revealing detail. This is an apt metaphor for my state of mind. I looked back at my nostalgic entry posted earlier, and it seems curiously flat to me. Sometimes I can bring the past alive, but this time it strikes me as having the pallor of a freshly laid out corpse. Well, to hell with it. I don't feel like fixing it, or dissecting it. Let it rot.

Someday my brain will work again. And a period of dull writing is not that great a problem. I could be much worse off. I could be like Rummy, I suppose, who has demonstrated that you can be a high achiever, go to the best schools, make the right connections, rise to the top of your profession, and still end up stranded without a paddle at the headwaters of that well known brown creek. Sticking a few boring posts into an online journal isn't so bad compared to that.

Sleep, now. I have the feeling that I've been having strange dreams lately, as I wake with a feeling of uneasiness, but I remember nothing. Maybe today I'll remember.

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