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Last evening, Venus displayed a halo, and later the moon did so too. The vague clouds were a pleasant change, adding some interest to a sky which has been monotonous of late. They were not sufficient to stimulate my mind to thought, however. Thus, I embarked on another cleaning project.

There are times when it is OK to launch a project, and there are times when it isn't a good idea at all. This was the latter. At least my CDs are now in a somewhat more rational order than they were a few hours ago, though even that minimal orderliness cost me more time than I expected. But now, whether the government falls or not, I at least have a fairly good idea of where to find that Poulenc CD.

I did check my e-mail a couple of times during the night. It isn't working. Since last evening, it has refused to recognize my password. This is not the first time this has happened. I fear that the company is in trouble, and just staying barely ahead of both technological and financial disaster. That is one of the perils of dealing with a small local firm. Since I am paid up through November of this year, I would hope that if the company is to meet its doom, it will not be until nearer that date. Since I got a discount for paying by the year, I figure I'll break even at the end of July. In the meantime, I don't know if the mail is being stored and merely inaccessible, or if it is vanishing into cyberspace. I'll find out when they finally decide to recognize my password once again. Accursed technology.

Oh, another day is arriving with its burden of heat, and the last cat is demanding to be fed and let out. I must sleep.

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