rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Early Blooms

This afternoon, I noticed that the jasmine hedge is covered with tiny white blossoms. I will probably be able to smell their perfume tonight. The jasmine seldom blooms before June, and I have never before know it to blossom in the first week of April. The season turns ever stranger. As much as I would enjoy a nice rainstorm, the cherries have already grown almost to that stage at which rain would cause them to split open. I doubt that it will happen, though. Despite the lovely cirrus clouds which decorated the sky today, it seems unlikely that this spring will produce any more moisture. Already, the fire danger warnings have gone up on the signs at the fire stations. A long, hot summer looms.

It is time to open the windows and start the fans. It might be a bit cooler tonight, since the clouds have diverted some of the days heat, but I can't imagine Sluggo working for more than half an hour at a time. He's close to his evening limit now. I am going to go out and watch the flocks of birds I glimpse through the window, flying high in the fading sky.

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