rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Give Me Ice

Yesterday morning, I went to bed about six o'clock. I used two blankets. Within half an hour, I began to feel cold, so I got another blanket. Another half an hour, I woke at the sound of a passing car and realized that I was too cold again. A fourth blanket ensued, and was sufficient. My house is perverse. It stays hot all night and gets cold after down. According to all those movies about hauntings, ghosts are supposed to cause the temperature to drop. I need a ghost in my house. I could keep it on the shelf where I currently have a useless printer Sluggo no longer recognizes. It would be the perfect solution. The problem is acquiring a ghost. Ghosts tend to avoid me, probably because I don't believe in them. I'm willing to believe in them if they prove their existence by haunting Sluggo's desk. This is an open invitation to all ectoplasms: Come haunt me!

There is a black widow spider in my garage. The bold little bugger has built a web from a laundry basket to the dryer. I tried to kill it (the black widow being almost the only arachnid I'm willing to squash) but it was too quick for me, and scurried into a sheltered spot next to the water heater. I'm on the verge of using insecticide on it. There will be war!

Other than the discovery of the venomous spider, the night passed uneventfully. No deer, no owls, no raccoons, not even a scent of skunk. The round moon shone brightly on a dull world, wasting its romantic light. This makes me sad. I should like to have seen nymphs and satyrs copulate on my lawn. Life is far less interesting than I can imagine it being. Also, the heat is getting to me. I calculate that my brain will melt in three more days, unless cooler weather intervenes. I think I'll throw some more stuff out. It's the only activity by which I am pleased anymore. It all just collects heat, anyway.

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