rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Hot

Roses by the dozen have exploded from the bushes in the back yard. Some were spoiled, as they were dampened while budding in the light rain last week, but others are large and bright, particularly the pinks on the tallest bush. It is the best display they've given in years.

The last cat has been fed, and has gone out to explore the evening. She sniffs at the zinnias growing where the other three cats are buried, then vanishes though a gap in the fence. She'll be out most of the night, as is her wont when the season grows warm. The moon will be full, too, so there ought to be good hunting. Her night is apt to be more interesting than mine. I might get some reading done, and maybe sort through some old video tapes to see which of them I can get rid of. There is still too much stuff in the house.

I certainly won't be spending much time with Sluggo. He ran for twenty minutes this afternoon before crashing. The house grows hotter for a few hours after sunset, and now I can probably count on no more than ten minutes to post this entry. Since there will not be sufficient cooling until almost dawn, I probably won't get more than an hour out of him for the rest of the night, in two sessions. Sluggo needs his own little air conditioned closet to live in. He won't get one.

Off to look at the stars for a while, and let Sluggo nap.

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