rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


At this moment, I am watching the most marvelous sunset of the year. Rumpled bands of orange, pink and lavender clouds silhouetting the pines and, in a deepening blue patch just above them, the bright pinpoint of Venus, the only star yet visible. It's quite splendid.

It must be cool up there among those clouds. The forest has been hot today, and the leaves unstirred by any breath of breeze all evening. I watched the spiky lawn next door get mowed, and now I'm listening to the chattering lawn sprinkler with which the ravaged grass is being dampened. The air remains so still that no scent of it reaches me. I have the fan on, trying to bring a bit of coolness into the room, but it isn't working very well. Sluggo will soon protest by showing me his blue screen. I guess I'll be spending the early night outdoors with the crickets.
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