rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day and Event

A balmy afternoon has given way to an equally balmy evening and put both me and Sluggo in the mood for doing nothing. It is a not infrequent consequence of spring's most pleasant days that I veer from a state of lazy delight to an inexplicable ennui and back with no apparent provocation. It is my bi-polar season. Not even the congestion of my head brought on by the clouds of pine pollen nor the soporific monotony of cricket songs can explain my condition. My thoughts are energetic but unproductive, submerged in a physical torpor which inevitably triumphs over my best intentions. Ambition? Chill! A hundred ideas might flower from my fertile imagination, but they remain abstractions, never emerging in reality. Cruel April.

This evening, I had for the first time the quintessential LJ experience of being discovered through one of my posts here by someone I actually knew in real life. An anonymous comment to an old post brought the e-mail address of a former flatmate I haven't seen in ages. I have not yet responded, as I just got the message and haven't had time to decide what to say. I am quite surprised. I've always expected that, sooner or later, someone I knew would stumble across this journal, but now that it's actually happened I'm at a loss about what to say. Hey, you used to be that guy who knew that guy I used to be! It's a strange situation, indeed, when some fragment of the past suddenly bobs up among the wrack of time, reminding you of things you once did or said, or thought or felt, and of how different you now are from your younger self. Well, I'll get to it, then, and see what happens. Cruel April is a good month for nostalgia, after all, and takes equal pleasure in illusion and disillusion. Oh, long ago, there you are again.

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