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Hotter [Apr. 27th, 2004|05:30 pm]
This morning, I saw bees feeding even before sunrise. They must have known how hot it would be today. Not only is it hot, but everything is covered with the yellow dust of pine pollen, so I get to sneeze a lot. Each passing car stirs a small cloud of the stuff. It's pretty to look at, and makes me miserable. Pollen. It's what mixed feelings are made of.

The stump of the vanquished ponderosa across the street was finally removed this afternoon. It only took a few minutes. A huge truck with some sort of crane-like grappling device arrived, the grappler grabbed the tree which was then sawed about twenty feet up (half way) and the upper half swung about by the crane and loaded onto the bed of the truck. Then the remaining chunk was grappled, sawed off a few inches from the ground, and then loaded next to the upper half. Then the logs were hauled off to the sawmill, I suppose. It only took one guy to do all this. It was quite impressive. It made me wonder just how much logging goes on in built up areas, that complex machines such as this (and the even larger machine with the large crew which stripped and topped the tree two weeks ago) have been invented and manufactured to make it easy. Ah, the wonders of technology.

Alas that Sluggo is not that much of a wonder. He heats, he heats! I must post quickly, before he crashes, then let him rest.