rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Tyranny of Stuff

Cleaning projects always take longer than I expect. There's too much stuff. There's less of it than there was a week ago, but there's still too much. It's more neatly arranged than it was, but it still takes up too much space. I'm closer to completion, but it still is taking too much time. Stuff is a curse. I can't even put everything I'm discarding into the trash in one week, because it overburdens the container. Worst of all, I have yet to start on the garage. I fear that I will run out of energy before I run out of stuff.

Outside (away from the stuff) is nice tonight, though. The little dipper's travels describe an arc around the tall pines next door, so it is in view every time I go out throughout the night. I can listen to the cool breeze and the crickets out there. In here, all I can hear is the fan which must be left on to keep the room cool enough for Sluggo. I'm not looking forward to summer, even though it will mean an end to the various airborne substances which are currently making my head feel as though it were stuffed with cotton. Or maybe my head is stuffed with cotton. I've probably inhaled a head's worth of cotton dust while involved in this cleaning binge. At any rate, I can't think right now, so I'm going back out for a bit more air before trying to sleep.

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