rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The hair is cut. It's nice not to have it meddling with my ears. And just in time for a sudden rise in temperature, too. It leaped up by 15 degrees today. I find it pleasant, for a change, but Sluggo is not happy. Even this comparatively moderate warmth caused Outlook Express to crash within minutes of launch. It may be time to install the free version of Eudora.

I dropped off a roll of film to be developed. It include the last picture I took of the cat, sleeping on the bed just a few days before she died. I hope it turns out.

Other than that, and the usual tasks, I've just been letting the day drift by. The crickets tell me it's almost over now. Once the sky is dark enough, I will go out and see if Orion is still visible above the trees. Sluggo must be allowed to rest and cool down before I can fire him up for any length of time. His fevered little CPU must be about to melt.
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