rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another Rainy Night

Night fell, and the rain returned. I opened my window and listened. Each hour stretched to an age, and I felt myself submerged, the flowing sound carrying me deeper, all the world dissolved and become a dark and chill sea. I closed my eyes and accepted the current of cold. I inhaled the icy draft, felt it on my scalp and pictured my hair undulating like thin strands of some sea plant. As heat left my skin, I felt my inner heat intensify and radiate, until I imagined I must be like a lantern floating in these depths, watched by strange cold blooded creatures who wondered at the strange sight. It seemed I drowned for hours, but when the sound of a passing car brought me from this waking dream, scant minutes had passed since last I had checked the clock. My hands and ears were very cold. I closed the window and, wrapped in a blanket, spent the remainder of the night reading. The rain has continued even into the growing light and the first bird songs which now ride a rising wind.

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