rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Spring Moon

The moon turned full tonight. A flock of tiny white clouds filled the sky to greet it. Spring's first full moon is one of the year's best. The dogwood is in flower, and the deep pink of its blossoms is one of the few colors that can be discerned in moonlight. It lends an uncommon vibrance to the night, and makes the bright light seem less harsh. The lilies glow by moonlight, too. About three dozen of them have bloomed, and their reflective whiteness brightens their corner of the yard quite effectively. My view is filled with patches of floral light on moonlit April nights, and the patterns of light and shadow created by the mulberry tree are at their most intricate. This is about the best time of year to be spending the night outdoors, so I did -- as much of it as possible. The crickets and frogs and birds were there, too, so I had plenty of company. Very late, I saw a jet draw a long vapor trail from south to north, and it glowed in the last rays of the moon as the sky turned cobalt. Then the crows announced themselves to the approaching dawn, and I came indoors. I'll probably do the same thing again tonight.

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