rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Painterly Night

Moon and clouds collaborated on a series of splendid sky paintings last night, until the moon went off to do seascapes and the clouds brooded in darkness for a while. Then pale light crested the mountains and the clouds shone a dim blue, floating on a deeper blue. I enjoy those moments when the forest emerges from darkness, the shapes of trees growing distinct, their details gradually becoming clear, and all the land wrapped in quiet, waiting for the birds to wake. If I didn't stay up late, I'd like to rise early, merely to see that transformation.

When I was 19, I heard Peter Bergman, best known as a member of the Firesign Theater comedy group, conduct a radio interview of Peter Ustinov. It was on KPFK, a non-commercial station in Los Angeles, and the uninterrupted program was almost two hours long. I can say that there were very few people who could have held my attention for so long in those days. I listened to every minute of it with unflagging interest. Ustinov told story after story about people famous and obscure, and events in which he had participated, and a few entertaining lies as well, I would imagine. Until that time I had known him only as an actor forever stuck in supporting roles and as the narrator of that famous recording of Peter and the Wolf. I never thought of him in that way again. The man was a true spellbinder, and I would gladly have listened to him talk for hours on end, every night. As much as I have enjoyed his movie and television roles, I will always remember him as one of the great raconteurs of the twentieth century.

Sir Peter Ustinov

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