rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The clouds failed to bring rain, but they provided a sky that was like the inside of the abalone shell my older brother brought back from the beach one time when I was about eight years old. Both shell and sky were silver and pearl and gray, with a luminance which seemed to emerge from within them rather than from the light they reflected. I kept that shell for many years, and used to look at it whenever I felt gloomy. It always improved my mood. I don't remember seeing it after we moved from the house in the hills. It must have been one of the things that went missing at that time.

The tooth cleaning went well, except that the hygienist found a soft spot at the root of one molar which was capped many years ago, so I have to go back and have the dentist look at it, to see if it will have to be attacked violently with those scary instruments. Annoying.

Stomach ache tonight for some reason. I haven't had one in ages. I'm going to put some chamomile tea in it.

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