rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Someone on the next street left an outdoor light on all night. I couldn't see the light source, but it illuminated a patch of trees. Had it flickered, it would have looked like a campfire. The sight made me want a marshmallow, but we have none. I settled for Goldfish Crackers. Their crunch sounded like crackling flames.

The sky displays more stars in spring, as though they were silver leaves growing on the tree of night. As the early light began to spread, and they dimmed, a thin fog formed so that the trees emerging from darkness were hazy, and a few clouds appeared in the east. The morning paper arrived in a plastic bag. It will certainly be cooler today. I hope for at least a few sprinkles, and maybe an afternoon sun shower with rainbow. I must wake early today for a dental appointment, and some interesting weather would provide a bit of compensation for the bother. Now I will let the early rising jays screech me to sleep.

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