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Warming [Mar. 29th, 2004|08:54 pm]
A few degrees (even those little Fahrenheit degrees) makes a big difference. Long after sunset, the pavement still radiates heat, and now and then I hear the house creak as the timbers cool. With the windows wide open, I can hear the frogs croaking. The shallow stream valleys where they congregate must be pleasant now, with the cool water trickling and the tall grasses rustled by the evening breeze. The house is still hot, and will probably remain so for a couple of hours. I feel a touch of that warm weather lethargy which will grip me in a few weeks, and I dim the lights and listen to the passing cars, imagining their sound is actually that of ocean waves drenching a moonlit beach.

This afternoon, I saw a butterfly among the lilacs, and tonight a single moth fluttered around the porch light. I hope this year will be better than last for the lepidoptrians, though even if their population is substantially greater, there are certainly far more birds this year, so I might not get to see many of them before they become avian meals. Early this morning I heard a bird that sounded exactly like someone whistling for a dog. It's call carried well, and I pictured ears perking on dogs all over the neighborhood.Tonight, a different bird is calling, making a sound very much like that of a mewing kitten. Again, I picture dogs perking up their ears. I also hear several crickets chirping, answering the solitary insect I heard last night. Spring is a noisy season. The sounds it can't sustain for long, though, are Sluggo's. The heat will soon knock him unconscious, so I must let him nap.