rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Breezy Night, Sleepy Cat, New LJ Toy

The recent rains rejuvenated the frogs, and they sang all evening until the night grew chilly. For a while, they were accompanied by a single cricket, the first I have heard this year. There have been many night birds, too, more than I can remember having heard before. The entire night has been punctuated by their various cries and hoots and screeches. But the dominant sound of the night has been the humming of the pines. The wind, except for a few strong gusts, has been soft and steady most of the night, and has not ceased for a moment. After a while, the constant movement of the air begins to sound like the distant rumble of city traffic. The sound of the birds reminds me where I am.

My older cat has increased her hours of sleep until she is Hardly awake at all. She get up to eat a few bites or get a drink, then begs a bit of attention before returning to her favorite place in the closet. A few hours later, she repeats the ritual, maybe adding a stop at the litter box. Once every couple of days she is briefly playful and might toss a sock or bat a bit of paper, or take a quick run down the hallway. Then it's back to sleep. She eats so little now that I'm surprised she hasn't wasted away. She has been a remarkably durable cat, though I'm sure she can't last much longer. She, of course, may plan otherwise, as cats often do.

Good news for the excessively bored; The Randomizer. (More information in this post in lj_nifty.) Essentially, it chews up random passages in a journal and spits them back out in a new order. Of course, with my journal, the question is how do you tell if it's been randomized or not? Behold this conglomeration of bits from recent entries:

Curse you, western North America there is likely that brilliant marketing ploy?) there to similar to the artist's familiarity with the time to establish territorial dominance. The Breakfast Snake. Be careful! He lives on water. The softness of these thoughts have partly obscured the Ribeye cluster to the town, and how many of snow which can usually be redistributed to emerge from the free version of the intricate tracery of the features of it has Made enough for one of the love-gestures of Rolling Stone. Under the Blue sky. There's an interesting notion. I can now longer, the softening the scented breeze fine mist, and I can search by scottobear , I don't? Incidentally, this is decorated with the price -- that, not a single living leaves of night. Another gray is only casualty of relief, a single living figure, someone contemplating suicide, or even hypnotic. There were actually big, sweaty guys with its unseen life as some sort. Today, I fully woke, I know it's all appeared as a lawn in the treetops moments when the starlight, too, there were black, and not by the presidential candidates. Find out and distant lands that out? Of course not! It's an enjoyable site tells you a Bush supporter! Find out if I don't dream of pollen all day has taken quite a nice cirrus clouds, and pecking even the caterpillar-like droppings of migrating waterfowl skimmed the unpopular people would stick it drew near, I got trashed a faded print of drops falling from a while, feed the moment, while to be duplicated, and surreptitiously took on Gothic architecture. Mmmm, gargoyles! Anyway, after it is placid day. For rage and other street, exist in his passage from an extension of glistening world and place, feel it did not be a clear view

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