rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Gray Morning

Something I forgot to do yesterday was check the utility pole to see if my woodpeckers had gathered there to stay out of the rain. (I do think of them as my woodpeckers now, as they have hung about the place throughout the winter.) I was just reminded of it because one of them is there now, chattering and pecking even though no rain is falling. Just breakfast, I guess. The damp world is placid bathed in this gray light, but I think we will see the sun today. A single pair of migrating waterfowl skimmed the treetops moments ago, calling loudly. They were black, and had very long necks. Some sort of swan, I would think. Leaving so late, they might find all the best spots taken once they arrive at their destination. Some of the local birds must be having a difficult time this year, too, there are so many of them. I don't remember a year since I arrived here when they have been so numerous. I have already seen three crow wars, with large murders chasing one another from place to place, trying to establish territorial dominance. The other species of birds are equally abundant, and recent days have rarely been without song. The fruit trees will have to be carefully guarded this year, and the insects are apt to be decimated. It is certain to be a lively, and deadly, spring.

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