rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

We Will Not Get Rich Doing This!

One of the features of the free version of the Opera web browser is those little generic ads in the upper right hand corner. They are fed to the browser by Google, which chooses them through some clever program which relates them to the site the user is currently visiting. Thus, each time I log in to LJ, I get a couple of links to similar sites, or to blogging software of some sort. Today, I noticed one which offered money for blogging. Well. Could I resist checking that out? Of course not! It's a site called Blogit, and the way it works is sort of explained here. For a mere $5.95 a month, one can join a scheme in which some part of the money (they don't name a specific percentage) is redistributed among the users, based on popularity. I have no idea if any of the writing is any good, since they only allow registered users of the site to read the full posts. Judging from the few lines of each post displayed to casual visitors, it's pretty much the same sort of stuff that appears at any other web log site. It's an interesting notion. I predict failure. Sure, they might think they will skim the cream of writers from sites such as LJ, attracting to their site people with large lists of readers, but it's the unpopular people who would provide the income for those who are successful, and how many unpopular people would stick it out in the vague hope that they might eventually succeed and begin raking in the petty cash? Without the failures, there isn't all that much income to be redistributed to the more popular writers, so the latter have little incentive to keep writing for so limited an audience. So, no cigar for Blogit. It's like the proverbial city whose citizens survive by taking in one another's laundry. Once everybody's clothes wear out, there's no more work.

Meanwhile, we unpaid LiveJournalers get to see pictures of koalas for free! Good deal.

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