rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rushed by Dawn

The sun rises too early now. I dislike the attenuation of night. There will be a respite once the clocks are set forward, but it will be brief. In a few weeks, light will be invading my world at five o'clock int he morning! It is part of the price of spring, though -- that, and the fact that the pollen has begun to irritate me.

The morning twilight has already vanished, the birds are chirping, and the sun is turning the clouds white. I intended to make a longer entry, but there is no time. Instead, a couple of links.

Unearthed by scottobear, the fundrace site tells you who in your area is making contributions to the presidential candidates. Find out if your doctor is a Bush supporter! Find out if the owner of your favorite porn shop contributed to Kerry or Dean! You can search by area or by an individual's name. If you made a substantial contribution, you will be listed yourself! My area produces only a page and a half of results, but some more populous areas produce huge lists that go on for many pages. Information wants to be free! Candidates want to be bought!

Also, my favorite Saint Patrick's Day post, by my favorite LJ snake, cerealxadder The Breakfast Snake. Be careful! He totally bites!

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