rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Warm Night

Thanks to scottobear for posting a link to the Devilfinder. No, it does not give you a direct line to Satan. It is a full resolution image search engine. Instead of returning pages of thumbnails, it returns the full sized images posted on web sites. Sort of a slow process for those of us on dial-up, but interesting to watch. I ended up playing with it for so long that I have no time left for a real post. But I also ganked a bunch of pictures I've been looking for, but which have never turned up in my Google searches. Nice.

Through the moonless night, I kept thinking of sunlight flashing on water. Images of streams, ponds, lakes and oceans repeatedly came to mind as I watched the dark forest and the sprinkle of stars above it. Perhaps it was the sight of the little dipper that brought water flowing into my thoughts. But these thoughts have come so frequently tonight that I'll be surprised if I don't dream of water all day. I hope it's cool water. The house has held so much of yesterday's heat that I'll be down to a mere two blankets for the first time this year.

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