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Look! There's that dragon! This is the icon I use when I'm pissed off, or faux pissed off. This time it's here because I've decided to post larger versions of my icons, and say a bit about them. (It will probably be more than a bit about some of them -- but not this one. I'm starting off easy.) Most of my icons are thumbnails of full pictures, but a few, including the dragon, are just crops. Because the images are usually fairly large, I'll be sticking them behind LJ cuts. If you want to see the entire picture from which the dragon was taken, click.

The Demon of Love

The Demon of Love

The Demon of Love, I suppose, is not the dragon, but that rather lurid and formidable female mounted on his back. The painting is by Swiss artist Eduard Rudisuhli (1875-1938) and was printed as a postcard, c1902. I swiped the image from an e-Bay auction page a couple of years ago. It reminded me of Sluggo. I've been unable to find much about Rudisuhli on the Internet, but one bilingual page about his family is interesting in part for the utterly bizzare English translation of the original German. Here is a link to Google's cache of it. (The page itself wouldn't open when I tried it a while ago. Network problems, according to Opera.) The reason I cropped the picture for the icon was that I wanted at least one icon for my grumpy posts, and the whole picture just didn't work for that, but the dragon's head alone is pretty grumpy looking. As it turns out, I use it more often for my mock-grumpy posts, but I'm fond of it nevertheless. I'll probably keep it around for a while.

As the nights grow a bit warmer, I am able to spend more time outside watching the stars. The sky tonight was clear and dark, with the waning moon rising only a short time ago. Even in March, the number of stars is increased, though they are yet only a dim suggestion of the full splendor of a summer night's stellar bounty. I enjoyed spending time with them, and look forward to that nightly spectacle which is one of the compensations for summer's opressive heat.

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