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Exactly half the moon is lit tonight. I could say something pretentious about the balance between light and dark, duality and all that, but I've done enough yin lately and I'm feeling more yangy now. Or is it the other way around? I never can remember, probably because I'm a bit unbalanced. I'm sure it has something to do with my ears. However, I do like the fact that, this near the equinox, the half moon does not lean very much. I would imagine that when the half moon exactly coincides with the equinox, it doesn't appear to lean at all, but is the very model of rectitude. An upstanding Protestant half moon, displaying a full complement of New Englandish virtue. But what is on the half we can't see? Oh, look! I went and wrote something pretentious about balance, exactly as I intended not to. I blame the equator.

It occurred to me just moments ago that I would very much like to be drunk right now. How long has it been? I can't remember. Despite the fact that I daily consume one alcoholic beverage as an accompaniment to dinner, and on occasion will consume a second, just because I feel like it, I seldom go beyond that limit. I'm pretty sure I've consumed sufficient alcohol to become at least slightly drunk a few times since I arrived in this place, but I don't think I've been properly drunk since I left Los Angeles. Even there, it was a rare event, since I don't enjoy the sensation of the room spinning around, but, if I recall correctly, the period just before that happens is quite delightful. I have no idea why I have this sudden desire for that experience, but once again, I shall blame the equator.

I will mention that I am rapidly nearing my 2000th post at LJ. This one (Sluggo willing) will be number 1994. That was a year not too long ago. Offhand, I remember none of it, despite the fact that I undoubtedly spent it in a state of sobriety. Or maybe it was because of that fact. However that may be, I am wondering if I ought to make some sort of special post for that nice, round, entirely arbitrary number. In my experience, such plans seldom work out, so I probably won't, unless it just happens by accident. Or maybe I'll just use that post as an excuse to get drunk, and end up writing something incoherent. And how would that be new, you ask? Hah! Everybody's imagined to be a comedian, through the miracle of a literary device the name of which I don't remember. I might as well be drunk.

Parting amusement: Buggering around the site tonight, I ran across the link to the Newbies Lounge, a journal the site maintains for the benefit of new arrivals. It contains four brief posts, and hasn't been updated since 2001. I find that droll, even when I am sober.

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