rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Warmer Still, Thus Later

Sluggo enjoys napping on these warm afternoons, so I use him sparingly lest he show me his snarly blue screen. I wouldn't mind napping on these afternoons myself, if it were not for the fact that I have just awakened and have no need for naps. Instead, between tasks, I snatch a few minutes now and then to go out and watch the flowers bloom and the robins fly about, and I get buzzed by bees. Last year, the bees never appeared in large numbers. So far, this year looks as though it will have plenty of the little pollinators. I'm glad to see them back, and hope that they will be joined by an abundance of those butterflies who were also rare last year. This could turn out to be as pleasant a spring as we've had in years, provided that winter doesn't make a sudden return, or insufficient rain falls to sustain the momentum which the early spring has already gathered.

The disadvantage of the early arrival of warm weather is, of course, Sluggo's aversion to heat. It means that, as the days grow warmer, my journal entries must become briefer and be posted later. I intend to ignore the disadvantage, though, and just enjoy the balmy days, spending as much time outdoors as I can while the slug naps.

Here is another of my new icons, which I don't believe I have introduced yet. It is a postcard picture of the old Pacific Electric Railway Depot in downtown Los Angeles as it appeared when it opened in 1906. I've been thinking that I might post the full sized versions of some of my icons, and accompany them with a bit about why I chose them. I need to find the time to upload the image files to PictureTrail.

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