rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Virtual and Real

I got my two first-ever spam forwards (as opposed to spam comment notifications) from my LJ e-mail address, both with attachments (which I didn't open, of course.) One originated from an address at "" and carried the subject heading "Re:Your archive" and the message "Please read the attached file." The other message was from the domain "" and was headed merely "Re: Hi" and contained the message "See attached file for details." I'm assuming that both are viruses, as Brad suggested in his recent post in news.

As for the actual virus (or whatever it is) the effects of which I began feeling last night, that isn't entirely gone, nor is it fully developed into anything identifiable. I'm merely logy, and have a scratchy throat and slightly achy, and have a desire to stay warm. Sorry, Sluggo. No open window for you today. The paper cut still hurts. If it was anywhere but a fingertip, I could ignore it. As it is, the only way I can ignore it is if I don't type. Say "Good night," Sluggo!

EDIT: I just noticed that a couple of comments I received as LJ notifications are not showing up on the site. This happened with a comment I myself posted a couple of days ago, and I thought it was an isolated glitch. Apparently not. Is anyone else having this experience?
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