rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sky now being clear, night has grown so cold that the lawn has become crunchy. I took a short cut when going to fetch the paper, and it sounded as though I'd stepped into a bowl of dry cornflakes. Most of the night, I've stayed indoors. I have the feeling I'm coming down with something, though I'm not sure exactly what. It might be the result of something I ate, or it could be that I'm getting lockjaw from my paper cut. Whatever it is, I've had to raise the heat a bit and sit quietly bundled up, which leaves Sluggo miffed. It will either be gone when I wake up, or will have developed into a full blown case of whatever it is. Since I feel muddled and achy, I'm just going to curl up with a cat on my head and go to sleep now. I wouldn't make much sense in this state, anyway.

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