rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Since I've switched from Internet Exploder to Opera, I've noticed something interesting. Once in a while I like to check on the amount of information sent and received while I'm online, by hovering my cursor over the send-receive icons in the task (status?) bar. When I used Exploder, the amount received was often less than half the amount sent, and averaged about three times greater. Now that I'm using Opera, the amount received is usually at least five times greater than the amount sent, and sometimes rises to more than ten times greater. So now the question that arises is why did Exploder send so much information from my computer, and where the hell was it going? Did Micro$oft have a bug on me? Does Exploder suffer from some sort of digital verbosity? Did a third or more of everything I looked at on the Internet end up stored away in some sort of dossier? Disturbing, indeed. Whatever it was that Exploder was doing, I'm glad Opera isn't doing it.

I'm very cold right now, because the mild day caused the house to warm up enough that Sluggo got cranky, and I've had to open the window so he can stay cool. It's comfortable for him, but very uncomfortable for me, and the cat won't stay on my lap, preferring to find a warmer spot. That's just as well, I guess, since she has eaten something that has given her gas. It's best not to have a farting kitty too close. Anyway, I'm going to have to close the window soon, and Sluggo will then become cranky again. This annoys me no end. I can't concentrate on writing when I'm shivering, and Sluggo won't work when I'm not! shivering. New computer, soon, essential.

The partial cloudiness was nice, today. In the evening, some small puffs of cloud glowed pink, while larger clouds farther east turned dark gray, like giant puffs of smoke. The upper air was so still that they barely moved, but merely vanished into the general darkness of night, as both light and heat drained from the air. Now, an overcast sky is making the moon and Venus all fuzzy. I'm going to go out and look at them for a while. I might as well. It's no colder out there than it is in here.

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