rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I've been wondering if, when reading your friends page you come to one of my posts, you start reading and then think to yourself wait a minute... haven't I read this before? The only analogy I can think of is musical. It would be like listening to Sousa marches, or Scott Joplin's rags, or the waltzes of Strauss (any Strauss.) You know how, when listening to an album of their music, and another piece begins, you suddenly think that you've heard the same one just minutes before? And you can never remember the name of the one you are listening to, because it sounds so much like all the others? Well, I sometimes get that feeling of deja vu when I'm writing. I'm suddenly sure that I've already written whatever post I'm working on. Most disconcerting, I must say. I'm just wondering if reading them produces the same effect. (I never read them myself, of course. I can't risk arousing my compulsion to edit endlessly.)

Anyway. Moon stars clear cold trees shadows cats deer and shorter nights. Oh yeah; tea.

In other news: I've heard that Mel Gibson is actually a very generous guy. They say he'd gladly give a total stranger the hair shirt off his back.

I'm going to sleep now. See my previous post, or just read this one twice.

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