rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Evidence of Continued Solar Activity

This afternoon, a patch of gauzy blue drifted northward, providing relief from the uniform gray overcast which dominated the sky. Around its edges, I could see the actual shapes of clouds, whitened by actual sunlight! There was even a brief appearance of a bright glow in one spot not too distant from the blue patch, indicating that the sun does still exist. As the day brightened for that short time, the rain ceased, and the air suddenly filled with singing birds.

There had been birds before then, of course -- the usual group of six acorn woodpeckers who cling to the telephone pole in front of my house. Since they only do this on rainy days, I haven't gone walking about the neighborhood to see if any other telephone poles are so decorated. If they aren't, I'm glad that the woodpeckers have chosen to grace my telephone pole. Aside from the larks, who rarely appear but make such a pleasant song, the woodpeckers are my favorite local birds. They always manage to cheer even the dullest day.

I noticed that, when the rain stopped, the two birds lowest on the pole flew away first, then the two above them, and then the last two departed several minutes later, the lowest first. I surmise that, not knowing whether or not the rain will soon return, those higher up are reluctant to give up their superior positions. I can't say I blame them. I certainly wouldn't want birds standing directly over my head.

Tonight, the clouds have gradually dispersed, leaving the waxing moon to shine clear and light the dampened landscape. Some of the remaining geese are taking advantage of the storm's departure to make their break for the north. I hear a flock of them passing now. The next few days are expected to be only partly cloudy, and very cool. Since cool and partly cloudy is my favorite weather, I'm well pleased. I only hope that I can wake up early enough to enjoy it.

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