rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Birds Gotta Swim, Fish Gotta Fly

Another night has blown by -- and I do mean blown. The wind has barely subsided for more than a few minutes at a time, either humming or howling for most of the night, often accompanied by the splattering of still more rain. But it has also blown by figuratively, leaving me wondering where it went.

Well, I can account for part of it, at least. One of the movie channels was showing Amalie, so I watched it again. That movie always makes me happy. Then I fiddled about with Sluggo, cleaning up his hard drive just a bit. I still have goatloads of unorganized crap there, which I'll have to get around to before I get a new computer. I have to decide what to keep and what to dump. I don't like tidying, but I suppose it must be done. In any case, all this means I haven't caught up on the friends page posts I missed while Sluggo was unable to go online because of the wet telephone box, and I didn't have time to comment on most of those posts I did get around to reading.

I've also had a spate of new additions to my friend-of list, and haven't had time to get around to checking them out (which I always like to do as soon as possible -- even if I don't add them back, I like to keep them on a bookmark lurk list, just in case any of them are plotting against me so I can look in on them when I have some extra time.

Meanwhile, in the non-virtual world, I'm way behind on my project to grow the gills I'm going to need once the entire state of California is under water. I figure I've got less than a week to do that. Now I'm going to swim out to the kitchen for a bedtime snack.

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