rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The rain expected today failed to materialize. That's an odd phrase, isn't it? Failed to materialize, as though it were a spirit attempting to enter the physical realm. In fact, the vapor in the clouds failed to condense into drops sufficiently large to be gathered to earth by the force of gravity. But failed to materialize is apt, however unscientific it may be. The vapor trapped in the clouds filters and reflects the sunlight and imbues the air with silver. The dry land is drenched in the spirit of rain. Even the light reflected by the green camellia leaves and the pine needles glitters like silver rain, and the pale mauve centers of the gladiolus blossoms take on a metallic sheen. Mere window glass turns liquid on revealing the drifting froth of clouds marbled with streaks of blue. Tiny insects with translucent wings flash like darting minnows, and strands of spider silk drift, making visible the gentle currents of the air. Without a drop of rain falling, the world has been saturated with its presence.
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