rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cold Dark

I gauge the temperature by how long it takes me to feel my ears when I go outdoors. Most of the time, I'm unaware of my ears. Hours pass without a single thought of my ears entering my head. On a warm night, my ears might as well not even exist, so little of my attention do they draw. But when it grows cold, I become aware of them very quickly. Tonight is about a five second ear night. I take no more than a few steps from the door, and my ears begin to tingle. I haven't stayed out long enough to tell how long it would take before they began to grow numb. I suspect it wouldn't take long.

The clouds have fully enveloped the sky. For a while, I could see some form among them, slowly tumbling masses which occasionally parted to reveal a star or two, but they have since become a uniform darkness without detail. Today will be the new moon, so there has been no light behind them to lend them interest, and the faint light sent up by this small town is insufficient to illuminate their undersides. With the cold, the frogs have ceased to croak, and the forest is wrapped in a silence as deep as the darkness. It has been a night to stay indoors and light a candle and watch it flicker, lest I come to think that the entire world has fallen still.

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