rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Sluggo had a severe conniption this evening. After the browser froze, he forgot what control-alt-delete meant and I had to punch his button. Then he wouldn't load Windows. (Who could blame him? It's Windows!) He finally got past DOS after I let him cool for an hour. Poor Sluggo. I'm sure he wouldn't make it through another warm season. I must get around to replacing him as soon as possible.

The day was unable to decide whether to be cloudy or sunny. At the moment, I see very few stars, so the clouds must be winning. Tomorrow it will rain again. It was a nice break, though. I don't mind a rainy winter as long as I get a few dry days here and there. Have I mentioned that I'm easily bored by monotony? That's one of the reasons that summer is usually my least favorite season here; day after day of heat and empty sky is exhausting. The best summers are those which provide a few spectacular thunderstorms, but those are rare in California. But I don't have to think about that yet. Changeable spring is still ahead, and a third of winter, too. There could yet be snow. It's certainly growing colder as I sit here by the open window, trying to keep Sluggo as cool as possible.

Since he is working again (though I don't know for how long) I need to get to some e-mail. Ah, the fun never ends, does it?

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