rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sluggo as Ollie

When Internet Explorer decided to stop loading images a few days ago, I installed the latest version of Opera, since the version of Mozilla I have is big and klunky and doesn't work as an offline browser. Opera worked fine for a few days, and then I did something (don't ask what -- I have no idea) that caused it to forget when it was logged in to LJ. I would log in, get the "Hello, flying_blind" message, go to another page and find that I was no longer logged in. Nothing I have tried has fixed it. Presumably, Opera is vomiting up LJ's cookies. I might have to try re-installing it, to see if that works. In the meantime, I use IE (without pictures) to read, and look in with Mozilla now and then to see the images IE won't load. All this is just the latest in a series of computer follies which go back to the beginning of my relationship with Sluggo. I have come to the conclusion that I have become Stan Laurel. Every time I try to do something with this machine, it gets screwed up. Then Sluggo glares at me (often with his blue screen) and says "Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into!"

The persistence of the current storm has surprised me. At first it was quite weak, producing little more than a dense mist its first day, but rather than weakening, it has grown stronger as it has lingered. It is expected to continue through Wednesday morning. Even now, the ground here is as saturated as I've ever known it to be, and I expect at any moment that one or another of the huge oaks or pines will lose its grip on the soggy soil and come crashing down. Should this happen, I might lose power for a while (maybe even a day or two -- PG&E is sometimes rather slow with repairs) or even a chunk of the house. There are no large trees near my end of the house, but the end with the kitchen is overshadowed, which makes me fear for my beer supply and my tasty refrigerated snacks. I've brought the Goldfish crackers and the bag of chocolate chips into my room, but the cheese, the artichoke hearts, the green olives and such must remain chilled. I do hope they remain unmolested by any arboreal failures.

For the moment, the rain is in abeyance, presumably suffering a momentary exhaustion as a result of its earlier frenzy. I hear but a gentle sprinkling and the trickling of runoff from the downspout, and spray no longer flies through the open window (the air is surprisingly mild) with the gusts of wind. But I suspect that later today, as was the case yesterday, there will be periods of fury sufficiently brazen to wake me from sleep, though, thank goodness, the thick layer of clouds will prevent the penetration of my room by any bright sunlight which might make a return to sleep difficult. After a night of dealing with three gimpy browsers, I need my sleep!

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