rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The rain has continued, and even though I have repaired the rainhat on the telephone box, the dampness is still making Sluggo irritable. I have no idea why the Internet connection goes to hell when the box gets wet, but there it is. I expect the browser to freeze at any moment, and a disconnect is almost a certainty. Aside from that, I am enjoying the wetness. Once again, the acorn woodpeckers gathered on the dry side of the telephone pole to entertain me with their antics, all of them jockeying for the best positions on the pole. A rather dazed looking blue jay perched on a nearby lilac bush and watched them, too, until one of the woodpeckers flew down and drove it away. I'm sorry to say that this was the most exciting event of the day. Well, this place does tend to be dull on Sunday. Now I'm going to go read something on non-crashing paper, before Sluggo blows up in my face.

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