rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Got an e-mail from Juno, my ISP. They said they were expanding their local coverage. In the past, they have expanded their local coverage from seven access numbers down to four, so I knew what was coming. When I got the new list of numbers, there were two. Is there any other industry in which the word "expand" is a synonym for "shrink?" Ah, the marvels of technological entrepeneurialism!

In the not-too-long run, it may not make much difference to me, anyway. Sluggo has had so many fits today that, out of about six hours of putzing about with it, I have had a total of about thirty minutes online. I know I've been able to keep this thing functioning (however minimally) so far, but it is only a matter of time before it goes terminal. Even as it is, I get next to nothing done, because so much of my time is taken up with tinkering. There is so much I'd rather be doing, and so much of it doesn't require a computer at all. I'm looking at a stack of dozens of books I've never gotten around to reading. I'm thinking of all the CDs I could buy with the money it would take to get Sluggo functioning as well as a computer can, as yet, function. The internet looks surprisingly tiny next to the expansive worlds of books and music. Maybe it is time to just move on to that larger world.

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