rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Decisions, Decisions

I'm rather late in posting today. Sluggo had a bit of an upset, presumably the result of his difficulty digesting the latest Windows updates. He needs defragmenting, I think. That will be tonight's task, while I go into the warm part of the house and listen the fresh rain. Yes, more rain! This is becoming my favorite winter in years.

Before Sluggo goes into his trance, I want to mention the blog_project. As explained in this post in his journal, michaelnolan is collecting information about LJ's social structure for a book. He wants names, people! Specifically, he wants nominations (his word -- I'd rather not use that word in an election year, because of its depressing connotations) of LJ users he can add to the blog_project friends list so they can be vetted for their usefulness to his project. He is particularly interested in anyone who might be a spy or conspirator of some sort. (Just kidding. I'm always amused when someone uses "intriguing" in lieu of "fascinating" or some such word. It always makes me picture Mata Hari rifling through the papers of her thick-witted military paramours.) The project arouses my interest, not least because its journal's friends page promises to provide a fascinating cross section of LJ land, which I can enjoy on those rare occasions when my own friends page runs low on posts.

I have not nominated anyone to be added to the blog_project, myself. Since michaelnolan wants only one name from each nominator, and will dismiss any comments that offer multiple names, I have that old problem of making a decision. Ah, the bane of my life, decisions! Chocolate or vanilla? Throw it out or keep it? Download porn pictures of kittens or read a book? Anyway, what I'm hoping is that everyone on my friends list will end up nominating each other, and I won't have to decide. In fact, the field has already been narrowed down a bit, as five people on my friends list were already listed on blog_project before I ever found out about it. So get to it, and narrow it down some more! I'm going to go drink beer. Or maybe some apple cider. Hell, I don't know!

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